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Breaking up is not hard to do!

During the busy Spring and Summer months, thousands of documents are submitted to the Transaction Review Team. So, it is a great time to review how you should be submitting files to our Transaction Review Team for smooth processing.

Most importantly, each file should be submitted as an individual document. Occasionally, we will see bundled PDFs instead of individual documents, which requires breaking up. These multiple documents in one PDF often include more than one version of the same document. This poses a concern that we could possibly process the wrong document. You, as the agent on the transaction, are more familiar with the transaction than anyone else and can quickly determine which documents are ready to be processed and should be considered the final signed documents.

Breaking up is easy! 

Paperless Pipeline’s break apart feature allows you to break apart multiple docs that were scanned together during a single scan. Breaking them apart after they’re in the system saves time from having to scan them in separately.

Instructions on how to easily accomplish this in Paperless Pipeline can be found here:


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work to provide a top-notch transaction review process.


  • Linda Mulhall says:

    Good to have reminders on best way to upload documents.! I am Interested in getting the latest and greatest Platinum information on proper listing rules such as MLS exempt forms, Coming Soon guidelines and tips on filling out Listing Agreement. Coming soon guidelines seem to change a lot. Any clarification is appreciated.

    • Jennifer Roberts says:

      Listing guidelines are posted by your local MLS. The best way to follow updates is to subscribe and follow their newsletters, post notifications on the MLS, etc. You can always contact Platinum Agent Support or visit the Agent Support Center with any questions you may have.

  • says:

    So, why is the Affiliated Business Disclosure attached to the Exclusive Right to Sell form if we have to separate the two for the file?

    • Shelby Austin says:

      Good morning! So, the reason we have the Affiliated Business Disclosure attached to the Seller/Buyer Agreements is because Affiliated must be provided no later than the time of each referral – therefore, a best practice is to have this signed no later than at the time of your Buyer/Seller agreement. Notice – the reference to Buyer/Seller agreement versus Agency Agreement or Exclusive Right to Sell – because all disclosures are regardless of whether we represent or assist. Hope this helps explain.

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