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Your Bullseye Resources – Don’t Miss Out!

June 24, 2024

The resources offered by United through the Bullseye Productivity Platform have almost doubled since we joined the team!

  •  All of the links below require you to log in to the Bullseye Dashboard. Please see below for instructions if you have not logged in before.  Once you are on the Bullseye login screen, use the chat feature at the bottom left of the dashboard and login screens with any issues you have within the platform. 

Learning Academy

  • Platinum Specific Courses
    • All live and recorded Platinum Courses are in the Learning Academy under ‘Building Your Business’.  There you can learn about our transaction processes and enroll in monthly Broker Insights and special events.
  • Learning Academy Calendar
    • All Zoom and in-person courses for Platinum will be on this calendar in grey, while all Bullseye courses are in blue.  Enroll in these courses and find the Zoom links in each event.
  • Launch, Surge, and Connect Courses
    • Live weekly and monthly courses with instructors and agents from across the nation. Make yourself accountable for your daily activities with fellow agents and teachers to help you along the way.
  • Learning Catalog
    • Build your business using the catalog of United and Platinum courses, including instructions on your Bullseye tools, as well as past recorded live events.

Financial Wellness

  • SmartDollar Financial Literacy
    • Company Key – UREG
    • Free Platform to get out of debt and control your money
    • Enroll in live courses or the recorded launch to learn more
  • Healthcare
    • Get a Quote
    • Our partnership provides agents with access to affordable, high-quality health, dental, and vision plans designed for independent contractors and their families.
    • Learn more about the opportunities to save in the Learning Academy

Custom Agent Website

  • Your website is already set up and ready for you! Login to Bullseye and open your website to confirm details, such as your MLS code to customize your featured listings.
  • Customizable pages
  • Contact forms that feed into your Bullseye CRM
  • IDX feed already set and ready to go
  • Learn how to activate and edit your website in the Learning Academy


  • Upload Leads and Contacts as individuals, or as a group
  • Set statuses and keep track of your clients throughout the sale and post-sale process
  • Customizable drip campaigns that you can set and forget for all of your contacts
  • Learn to maximize your CRM capabilities with this interactive course 


  • Market your listings using Facebook, Instagram, and Google.
  • Free platform and branded advertising – you just pay for the ad-budget with your Meta Ads or Google Ads account
  • All leads from ads will be automatically be imported into your Bullseye CRM
  • All Platinum listings are available to be used in your advertising, so if you don’t have a listing currently you can still generate leads!
  • Learn more about setting up your first campaign in the Learning Academy 
  • FAQ | LeadBoost Programs | Learn More

Marketing Resource Hub

  • A wide variety of Platinum Realty specific templates for flyers, social posts, postcards and more!
  • All templates are compliant with the Real Estate Commission rules and regulations
  • IDX-enabled to pull in your listings
  • Learn more about creating your marketing pieces in the Learning Academy

Automated Marketing – Post Closing Follow-Up

  • Set and forget follow-up with your clients – 42 touches in 5 years
  • Send postcards, calendars, and emails branded with Platinum Realty , your name , photo, and contact information
  • Learn more about how to set up your account and automatically send to all of your clients in the Learning Academy!

Referral and Relocation

  • Refer clients to states where we don’t have Platinum agents by contacting the United Relocation and Referral network
  • Feel confident your clients are in good hands with the United team referring them to vetted agents across the country
  • Learn more about the process in the Learning Academy

Make sure you are not missing out on all of the tools that can help you grow your business by logging in and trying the tools. The more agents that use and give feedback on these tools helps the Bullseye team make them the best possible!

Logging into Bullseye and the Learning Academy

Below are the steps to login into Bullseye for the first time.  If you are following a link directly to the Learning Academy for the first time, you may run into trouble logging in. Going to Bullseye first and logging in is key. Once you login to the Bullseye Dashboard, you will set up your profile and then have access to the Learning Academy and calendar. Platinum specific videos can be found under “Building your Business”.

Here is a video going through the steps:  First Time Login  –  Make sure to chat with Bullseye support for login issues.  If they cannot resolve please let us know at


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