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Getting your Commission Disbursement Authorization (Commission Letter)

June 5, 2024

Last year, Platinum implemented the ability to add closing instructions into your Paperless Pipeline transaction information vs. filling out yet another piece of paperwork.  Instead of uploading the “Closing Instructions” Form, to add your commission instructions, choose ‘Edit Transaction’ and add your information to the ‘Other Information’ section.

We create your Commission Letter from this information as long as the supporting documents are in your file. Platinum refers to your Commission letter in our emails and in Paperless Pipeline as a  Commission Disbursement Authorization or a CDA. When looking for an email from the team with this document included, or in your transaction in Paperless Pipeline it will be called a Commission Disbursement Authorization or a CDA in your Sale Docs.

Access all Platinum Instruction Guides in the reference section of Paperless Pipeline :



Need a Revised Commission Letter or to notify us of a changed Closing Date? We have recently made it easier to request and let us know about the change! Using the “Other Information” section in Paperless Pipeline we were able to create fields to help us monitor changes. Choose to ‘Edit Transaction’ and add the information via the drop down menu under “Revised CDA-Close Date Change” and then add instructions in the next field over, “Revised CDA Details or New Close Date.”



All team split information can be added to the Commission Summary section by choosing to edit your transaction and add these details to this section.

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