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Company Update

Hey team,

We wanted to provide a quick update to let you know that our central office team is making improvements to our forms portal over the next couple weeks. You may see some changes to how they grouped and displayed to better your experience. You may also find that we removed duplicate forms to reduce the quantity available on the form’s portal.

One of the major upgrades you will find will be with our agency forms.  We have made some changes and pre-populated the forms with our company information.  The compensation areas have been improved to allow you more flexibility with your clients.

More to come soon regarding what forms are legally required to have a broker signature and what is just overkill by the associations. We like to give our agents the control to be the entrepreneurs in their business. That’s the platinum way.

Lastly, you all received our memo regarding agent advertising that was recently sent out.  Please continue to always use the Platinum Realty name each and every time you advertise for your business.  If you’re talking about real estate, you’re required by law to use our company name.  Please follow the state laws and become familiar with them as you navigate your business.  Your license status counts on it.

Keep an eye for announcements on upcoming agent events. Thank you for being part of the Platinum Realty team.



Platinum Realty


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  • Linda Mendenhall says:

    Thank you for the updates to the forms. It would be wonderful if there could be a way to download an active Property Condition Report/Seller Disclosure. Each time I downloaded this form all of the interactiveness where clients could fill in online went away. It would be nice for clients to be able to complete the form elecronically, from an activated form that works in a google doc or Dotloop instead of having to print it, sign in person, resacan and upload and reload. It seems so cumbersome and extremely time consuming. It would really be handy if you could make that could happen 🙂
    Appreciate all you do!

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