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Pro Academy: New Training Videos for January 2022

January 3, 2022

What’s New January 2022

Happy New Year!

What do you do with buyers that want to wait for the market to drop in the new year? We have the answer. In addition, we finish up our series with top producer Kelly Moye on how she works with her team, balances her career with fitness, and other goals. We also have more secrets to time management from another influential real estate CEO and subscriber to our training platform, Richard Grimes.

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“We’ll Buy When the Market Drops”

Following a year of escalating prices, buyers may be hesitant to buy now, believing that the market will drop. Use the methods in this video to lead them through the considerations to make an informed decision.

Teams, Balance, and Fitness

Teams, Balance, Fitness

Kelly’s small team serves her business and clients. It allows her life balance and provides better customer service. She discusses the importance of balance, fitness and diet.

Client Tracking and Feedback

Client tracking

Tracking her business showed her how to re-allocate resources to prospect sources that actually paid off. Asking for client feedback helps her adjust how she interacts with them. In closing she describes the importance of maintaining positive relationships in her professional world.

Time Management Secrets of CEOs

Time management

Richard Grimes is the CEO of a large company in Alabama. He describes the importance of the key 20%, planning the night before, first things first, avoiding distractions, delegation and the importance of family time.

David’s Blog

David has started a series of blogs that deal with today’s market. His first posts include reasons to call past clients, working multiple offers, and how to defend your fee. Check them out with the link below.

Updated Videos

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