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Pro Academy: New Training Videos for October 2021

October 4, 2021

Build Relationships to Secure Referrals

This month we hear from agent Kelly Moye on how she got her start in real estate using the fundamentals and the importance of building relationships. We also continue our series of time managements interviews with CEOs, talking to Mark Johnson about how he stays on task.


Fundamentals and Relationships

In this multi-part series, we talk to Kelly Moye, a $40 million agent from Colorado. In part one, Kelly describes how she builds her business on fundamentals and relationships.

Lead Generation and Conversion

In the second part of our segment with agent Kelly Moye, she discusses how she generates and converts leads. We cover how the importance of maintaining relationships with past clients is key in bringing in referrals.

Time Management Secrets of CEOs

Continuing our series where we interview CEOs to learn their time management secrets, this month we hear from Mark Johnson, CEO of a 50-market company. Mark discusses the importance of intention and mindset, establishing priorities, and setting time limits for yourself.

David’s Blog

David has started a series of blogs that deal with today’s market. His first posts include reasons to call past clients, working multiple offers, and how to defend your fee. Check them out with the link below.

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