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Pro Academy: New Training Videos for September 2021

Find Success When the Market Shifts

This month David presents his strategies for dealing with a changing market, and we introduce the first part of a new series where top CEOs in real estate share their time management tips.

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Knox First Tuesday 151

David helps you recognize the signs of a shifting market and how to get in front of it by meeting with your clients, and developing a plan to assist them.

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David reached out to some of the most skilled time managers in the industry, CEOs, to provide their tips and secrets to staying productive. In this first part, we are joined by Josh Harley, CEO of a large multi-market company.

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David’s Blog
David Knox Blog

David has started a series of blogs that deal with today’s market. His first posts include reasons to call past clients, working multiple offers, and how to defend your fee. Check these and much more here: READ DAVID’S BLOG

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